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Customize your cake with a wide variety of filling choices. Love what you see and love what you taste when you choose your wedding or special occasion cake from the expert bakers at Campbell's Bakery.

Your Flavorful Filling Choices

•  Vanilla

•  Cream Cheese

•  Mocha

•  Pineapple

•  Peppermint

•  Chocolate

•  Strawberry

•  Lemon

•  Raspberry

•  Black Cherry

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Creative And Custom Cakes For You

Love what we put inside your cakes!


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Fabulous Fillings That Make Your Cakes Taste Just Right...

When you sink your teeth into a moist, delicious cake from Campbell's Bakery, what's inside it makes all the difference.


Choose a rich and creamy filling that will make mouths water and guests come back for more. We only use the finest ingredients in all our freshly made cake and fillings, which is why we're the premier cake caterers on Long Island.


Find Flavorful Fillings Every Day!

  • Chocolate Mousse

  • Strawberry Mousse

  • Rasperberry Mousse

  • Dulce De Leche

  • Chantilly

  • Cappucino

  • Bavarian Cream

  • Fresh Fruits

  • Tres Leche

Our Attention To Detail Will Make An Impression

On You And Your Guests On Your Special Occasion

Campbell's Bakery of Brentwood Has Become The #1 Wedding Cake Destination On Long Island.

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